Tomatoes & Peppers

Fresh, Juicy, and Delicious. Tomatoes and peppers are a staple in every garden, easy to grow and ready for slicing and dicing. Our extensive selection of these plants are available here. However... while we get requests as early as March, these plants like hot weather and will not survive frost. In Pennsylvania even though this week is warm and sunny, frost is very likely to occur until Mother's Day (May 10th). It’s recommended to wait until May to buy and plant in season. By popular demand we sell tomatoes and peppers early, in April, but many of those plants die and need to be replaced. A well known line in the greenhouse industry goes "That's good business cause we sell the replacement plants too". While true, we don't want anyone to feel taken advantage of. We ask that you keep your tomato plants safe and warm until its time to plant them. This can be done if you have a greenhouse, sun room, a nice place by a south facing window or some creative covering to keep your plants warm in the garden. Good luck and happy gardening!

-Chris Layser, Sales Manager